What if there are several non-refundable bottles in the bag I'm buying?

We have emphasized that users can only return refundable cans and bottles with a deposit. As a buyer, you can always check the contents of the bag before buying it. If there are several non-refundables in the bag, the seller can correct the number in the application before you both verify the trade. The amount charged from your Canit account equals to the corrected amount.

The price of the bag is set so that the buyer will profit even if some bottles are non-refundable. However, we hope that the sellers would not deliberately hide non-refundable bottles but keep them separate.

You can also rate the trade partner after the sale.

If the contents of the bag end up being full of non-refundable bottles and your profit remains minimal or you don’t make any, please contact us at support@canit-app.com.

What if the seller lives in an apartment house and the front door is locked?

The seller can post a door code within the Canit app to get in. If this information is not available, you can use the in-app chat feature to notify the seller that you are by the door and can’t get in. You can choose from several pre-defined responses and notify the seller that you are at the door or you can't get in. This way the seller can come and open the door for you.

What should I do if the seller isn’t there when I arrive for a pickup?

Canit app has a chat feature that can be used to communicate with the seller. You can choose from several pre-defined responses and notify the seller that you are at the door or you can't get in.

If the confusion continues, or the seller doesn't respond, you can cancel your buy request. When you do this, your money will immediately be transferred back to your Canit account.

What should I do if the seller’s listing isn’t right?

We recommend always to check the number of cans and bottles when you go and pick them up. If you notice that the listing is inaccurate, you can ask the seller to adjust it in the Canit app. Note that the amount you pay depends only on the seller’s listing. If there is a noticeable difference, request the seller to relist the items correctly.

Why do I need money on my Canit account to make the buy request?

You need money on your Canit account to make sure that the situation between you and the seller is as simple as possible when you meet.

When you make an offer to buy the bottles, we deduct the amount from your Canit account. If you cancel the buy request, or you are not selected as a buyer, the money is immediately and automatically returned to your Canit account.

The final transfer doesn’t take place until the seller gives you the bottles and you both accept the sale in the Canit app.

You always have a total control over your own Canit account balance!

How do I transfer money into my Canit account?

You can add money by going to ”Account” and select ”transfer money to my Canit account”. Most online banks can be used for this transaction. You can always transfer the money back to your own bank account.

How much money do I make when collecting bottles through the Canit app?

Check the examples for how much you can make money by collecting cans and bottles by using Canit app

How does bottle recycling work in the Canit app?

First, you need to load money into the Canit app. You use this balance to make buy requests. When you have transferred the money to your account, you can:

  1. Make a buy request to a listing near you.
  2. When the seller selects you as the buyer, you go to pick up the refundables.
  3. Return the bottles to a reverse vending machine. You will get about double the money that you invested!

For example, when buying cans and bottles for €10, you can get up to €20 from the reverse vending machine after you have returned the cans and bottles.

Do I need to pay taxes of this income?

The money earned from recycling bottles is taxable income.

How do you determine the price of the beverage packages?

Users cannot adjust the selling price in the Canit app. Prices are fixed and they are based on the return value of the bottles. Sellers can list their refundables in two ways; either by itemizing bottles individually or by estimating the amount and listing them by number of bags.

  • Exact In this listing you will know exactly how many cans and bottles you are buying. If the listing contains 24 cans, you pay €1.80 to purchase them (the deposit for one beverage can in Finland is €0.15). Once you return the cans to a reverse vending machine you get €3.60, double the amount that you paid.
    You just made €1.80.
  • Estimation
    With this listing option, the seller has listed available refundables in grocery bags and the specific number of cans and bottles is not known. You will pay €1.75 for one bag. When you return a bag of bottles to a reverse vending machine, you will most likely receive over double your investment. One regular-sized grocery bag fits cans and bottles worth of approximately €3,60€.
    You just made €2.