Effective recycling of cans and bottles benefits everyone.

Effective recycling of cans and bottles benefits everyone, because all beverage packages with a deposit end up back to use after recycling. When beverage cans and bottles are efficiently recycled, we can conserve natural resources as manufacturing industries receive raw material. For example, used beverage containers get a new life; either as new bottles, textiles, fiberglass etc. You can read more about how the system works in Finland on the pages of Palpa.

In Finland, the return rate of refundable containers is over 90% which is one of the top rates in the world. But even with the high recycle rate, huge amounts of refundable cans and bottles end up in trash - or even worse - in nature. It is our collective responsibility to make sure that every single can and bottle sold ends up being recycled!.

Why Canit?

Canit application is developed to ease and increase the effectiveness of can and bottle recycling. With the application, beverage package recycling is easier and more convenient than it is now.

You no longer have to worry about dragging your bags filled with bottles to the reverse vending machine in the middle of your busy week or leave empty bottles at parks in the hopes that some energetic person will come by and take care of them for you. Instead, no matter where you are, you can use the Canit app to post the amount of refundables you have available for sale and then just sit back and relax waiting for the pickup.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make some extra cash you can start collecting bottles and cans via Canit. The app shows you where to find cans and bottles and when. There is no more need to guess and walk around hoping to find bottles to return and recycle.

The purpose of the Canit app is to make your everyday life easier while also doing our part in helping the environment.

Find out more about how to return bottles tai collect bottles with the Canit application.

The application is developed by a Finnish company Reinto Oy.