You can sell empty cans and bottles to other users in the Canit app. Canit shows you available bottles as listings on a map. From these candidates the seller can choose one who comes to you for the pickup. The selected buyer will pick up the empty cans and bottles from the seller. After this, the buyer will return the bottles to a reverse vending machine and gets the refund.

This means that the buyer is buying empty cans and bottles in the Canit app. The sum paid for the empty refundables depends on their amount and the price is always fixed. The sale price per bottle is always the same. There are two types of sale possibilities in the app. Exact and estimate listings.

In exact listings, the seller on gives the exact amount of cans and bottles. You will pay half of their return value. For example for 24 cans, you pay €1.80 to purchase them (the deposit for one beverage can in Finland is €0.15). When the cans are returned to a reverse vending machine, you will get €3.60.
You just made €1,80.

In estimate listings, the seller gives the number of bags with cans and bottles, and we do not know the exact number of them. In these listings, the price of one bag for the buyer is always €1.75. On average, one regular-sized grocery bag can hold cans and bottles that are worth around €3.50.
You just earned €2.00.

Read more about collecting bottles.

How to get started?

Canit app is free to use and you can list bottles for sale for free. If you want to purchase refundable bottles from other users you need to load money into your Canit account. You can use most bank accounts for this. This is the money used to make buy requests for the sales ads made by other users. The amount invested will be doubled in cash when the purchased cans and bottles are returned to a reverse vending machine.

The money loaded into your Canit account can be transferred back to your bank account whenever you want. For transfers under €10 we charge a €1 transfer fee as per the banking regulations. For larger transfers we will pay the fee for you. The money will appear in your bank account within 1-3 business days.

What should I do as a parent?

Here are few tips that we’d like to share if you have a child who wants to collect bottles and earn money with the Canit app.

  • Collecting bottles with Canit is fun and you get exercise at the same time! So why not go with your child and see how it goes! So why not go with your child and see how it goes.
  • We don’t recommend picking up bottles alone when it’s dark.
  • We recommend to always check where your child is going for a pickup
  • For us it is important that using the Canit app is a safe and pleasant experience for everyone, and for this we have collected a few safety-related tips. We recommend to check them, too.