I want to return my empty cans and bottles

Do you feel that at times, returning the empty, recyclable bottles and cans is too time consuming and the financial benefit from it is minimal? With Canit app, you can easily get rid of your empty bottles and cans - even without leaving your home!

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I want to collect empty cans and bottles

Are you interested in making some extra cash by collecting abandoned bottles and recycling them, but not too excited to go search and comb the neighbourhood? Canit is an easy and modern way to collect bottles.

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Palauta ja kerää pulloja kännykälläsi - Collect and return bottles on your phone

A new way to collect and return empty cans and bottles

In Canit, users sell and buy returnable cans and bottles from one another. The seller gets rid of his empty beverage packages and the buyer earns money by returning them to the store.

This is how Canit works

Return bottles - Choose a user

Return the empty cans and bottles – even without leaving your home!

  1. Make a sales ad by entering the number of empty cans and bottles you want to return.
  2. Other users will now make you “buy requests”. Choose to whom you sell your beverage packages.
  3. The user you chose will come and pickup the empty cans and bottles from you.
  4. Confirm the transaction in the application.
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Collect bottles - Make buy requests

Easy and modern way to collect bottles

  1. Load money into your Canit account.
  2. Make buy requests for the sales ads made by other users.
  3. If you are chosen as the buyer, you can go to the seller for the pickup.
  4. Once you have received the beverage packages, confirm the transaction in the application.
  5. Return the bottles to the store.
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Frequently asked questions

Are there fees to use Canit app?

Canit app it self is free and you can list bottles for sale for free. If you want to purchase recyclable bottles from sellers, you will need to load money into your Canit app. You will pay half of the return value of the bottles.

How much do I make if I recycle bottles through the Canit app?

Check out the examples for your share of the money when returning the cans and bottles through Canit.

How much money do I make when collecting bottles through the Canit app?

Check out the examples for how much you can make money by collecting cans and bottles by using Canit app.

How does bottle recycling work in the Canit app?

First you need to transfer money into the Canit app. You use this money to make buy requests to the sales ads within the app. Once you have transferred money, you want to:

  1. Make a buy request to a sales ad near you.
  2. Once the buyer selects you as the buyer, go to him. After you have received the cans and bottles, accept the sale within the app.
  3. Return the bottles you bought to a store that has a bottle deposit bin. You receive about twice the money that you invested!

For example, when buying cans and bottles for 10€, you can get up to 20€ from the store after you return the cans and bottles to the deposit bin.