Are you interested in making some extra cash by collecting empty bottles and recycling them, but not too excited to go search and comb the neighbourhood? Would you like to know exactly, where to find bottles and when?

The Canit app is for buying refundable, empty cans and bottles from other users. The buyer pays about half of the sum they will get from the reverse vending machine when returning the refundables. The amount you invested can even be doubled!

Collecting bottles has never been this easy!

This is how it works

Collect bottles - Load money into Canit

1. Load money into your Canit app.

First, you need to make a "listing" and enter the number of empty cans and bottles you want to recycle. Most online banks are available for this transaction. You can transfer the sum on your account back to your bank account any time (We charge a €1 transfer fee for transfers under €10).

If you load for example €10, you can pick up cans and bottles even up to €20. So, with every purchase, your investment doubles!

Collect bottles - Make buy requests

2. Choose a listing and make a buy request.

The app shows other users’ listings on a map. The listings tell you how many cans and bottles they have to sell. You will also see, how much you pay to pick them up.

You use the money on your Canit account to make buy requests. Each buy request will take money from your Canit account. You can make buy requests with the sum you have deposited to your Canit account.

The money will be returned to your Canit account, if you are not selected as a buyer or you cancel your request.

Go to the seller for the pickup

3. Go to the seller for the pickup when you are chosen as the buyer.

The Canit app shows you the proximate location of the cans and bottles. If you are selected as the buyer, next you will get the exact address of the buyer. Now you just need to go and pick up your refundables.

Verify the trade

4. Verify the trade when you receive the refundables.

Once you arrive to the seller’s place, you can make sure that you are both satisfied with the trade. Both the seller and the buyer must verify the transaction in the application.

Collecting refundables - return the bottles to a reverse vending machine

5. Return the bottles to a reverse vending machine.

The empty cans and bottles are now yours and you can return them to the reverse vending machine. You will receive about a double the amount you spent when you bought the refundables via Canit.

For example, when buying cans and bottles for €10, you can get up to €20 from the reverse vending machine after you have returned the cans and bottles.