Who is Canit for?

The Canit application is made for people who want to get rid of their refundables as easily as possible or who want to collect refundable cans and bottles to make some money.

Is there an age limit to use the app?

The Canit app is available for anyone 16 years and older. Younger people can use the app with a parent's or a guardian's consent.

How much does it cost to use the Canit app?

The Canit app is free and you can list the refundables for sale for free. If you want to purchase refundables from sellers, you need to load money into your Canit app. You pay half of the return value of the bottles.

How do I transfer money from my Canit account to my bank account?

You can transfer the sum or a part of it from your Canit account to your bank account anytime. You can make the transfer from “Account” and then “Transfer money to your bank account”.

We charge a €1 transfer fee for transfers under €10. For transfers exceeding €10, we will pay the transfer fee for you. Your money will appear on your bank account within 1-3 business days.

What is the Canit service?

Canit is a mobile application for buying and selling refundable cans and bottles. Read more on What is Canit? -page.

How does the money get divided in the app?

The buyer pays half of the return value of the cans and bottles. This amount gets split evenly in half between the seller and the Canit app.

You pay €2.50 when you choose to buy those bottles. The seller gets €1.25 and the Canit app gets €1.25.

What are the circles and prices on the map in the app?

The circles are listings of available refundables posted by sellers who use the Canit app. The price inside the bubble is the amount you need to pay for the bottles. When you click to open a specific listing, you will see detailed information on the price of the refundables, how many bottles and cans (with different deposit values) are available and how much you will receive when you take the bottles to a reverse vending machine.