Who can see my address?

Your exact address will only be visible to the user you have chosen as the buyer. The user you selected can see your exact address or location in the extra information field.

For other users, your address shows only as a street name and a circle on the Canit map.


Can I list bottles that don’t have a deposit value?

At the moment, you can only return refundable cans and bottles through the Canit app. Keep the non-refundables separate from the refundables. Of course you can always ask if the buyer is willing to take non-refundable bottles with them. For recycling, it is important to get all aluminum cans properly processed.

You can give the exact amount of cans/bottles in the app. If there are non-refundables in the bag you are selling, you can let the buyer know that you are selling half a bag. In this case, it is fair to tell the buyer that there are non-refundables. This way it will feel fair for both parties. :)

When do I get my share of the money?

You get your share when the buyer comes to you and both parties accept the trade in the Canit app. Make sure you do this, because it is not possible to transfer the money to your account later!


What if I list the refundables incorrect?

If you have made a mistake in the amounts you’ve listed, you can correct this afterwards. If you are editing a listing that already has a buyer candidate, the candidate will disappear from the app after you have made the edits. After editing the listing, the buyer need to send their buy request again.

If you have chosen a buyer, you can still edit the listing but can no longer increase the price. In this case, the selected buyer candidate remains the same.

If you notice an error when the buyer has already arrived at your place, we advise you to be honest about the mistake. Please remember that everyone you make a trade with can give you feedback.

What if I want to cancel my listing?

You can cancel your listing any time.

But be fair. If you have already accepted a buyer who is on their way to pick the bottles up from you, cancelling your listing then is not very fair. If you still wish to cancel your listing, it is good manners to let the buyer know about it via the chat feature. You can find a pre-defined message you can use for this.

How much do I get from the bottles when I sell them through Canit?

In estimation-listing: You receive €0.88 for each full bag you sell.

In exact-listing: You get 25% of the value of refundable bottles and cans. 

What should I do if the buyer doesn’t show up?

Canit app has a chat feature that can be used to communicate with the seller. If the buyer does not answer to the messages or simply doesn’t show up as agreed, you can discard the buyer. When you do this, your listing immediately becomes visible again.

Select a new buyer from them.


How do I post a listing?

You have two options to post a listing: Exact and Estimate.

The exact listing gives the exact amount of cans and bottles you want to sell. You receive 25% of the deposit value when someone buys and picks up your bottles. You don’t need to know the deposit value of individual refundables when you list them.

In the estimate listing, you give the number of cans and bottles as numbers of bags. You will get €0.88 to your Canit account of each bag you have listed when the buyer picks up the bags from you. One bag is a regular-sized grocery bag.