Do you feel that at times returning the empty, recyclable bottles and cans is too time consuming and the financial benefit from it is minimal? Are you experiencing the return situation in the store mainly embarrassing or mandatory evil? Or maybe you just have better things to do and have difficulties in finding the time to return the bottles to the store?

With Canit app you can easily and conveniently get rid of your empty, recyclable bottles and cans - without ever leaving your home! Sounds good, eh?

Returning the empty cans and bottles has never been this easy! Try it for yourself.

This is how it works

Return the bottles - Make a sales ad

1. Make a sales ad

First you need to make a "sales ad" and enter the number of empty cans and bottles you want to recycle. There are two types of sales ads in Canit.

Estimation-ad: Enter the number of grocery bags you have with empty cans and bottles. You don’t need to know the exact number of each can and bottle.

Exact-ad: Enter the exact number of cans and bottles you want to sell. You do not need to know the deposit value of each item.

Return bottles - Choose a user

2. Choose who will pick up the empty cans and bottles from you.

Once the sales ad is made other Canit users can send you “buy requests”. From these candidates you can choose the user who will come to you for the pick up. You can base your decision on user reviews and the estimated time of how soon the buyer is ready to come to you.

Verify the trade

3. The user you chose will come to you for the pick up. Verify the trade.

Once the buyer arrives, make sure that the trade situation is satisfactory to both parties. Both you and the buyer must verify the transaction in the application. This is how your share is transferred to your Canit account.